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Kanamaja fest

Music, art exhibition, skating, bar and food. Celebrating life, friendship and summer.

BANDS INSIDE at Skate stage: Käsi (alternative rock) Triptofan (post surf metal Zahir (guitar trouble) Kaschalot (progressive instrumental) GOK2 (alternative electro punk) Petlya Pristrastija (BY) (post-punk / rock) BANDS OUTSIDE at Truck stage Hello Killu (avant-garde) Sheik Anorak (SWE) (minimal drumming trance) Weird Ugly Fish (LIT) (electro-jazz) Dreamkrusher! (alternative progressive rock) Kenors (experimental funk) Alum Alu (LV) (gypsy - balkan folk)

BAR We are working together with Tuletorn Brewery. They created a Festival Laager for us and we'll also sell their other craft beers. Mixed drinks and alcohol free options available. https://www.instagram.com/tuletornbeer

FOOD TRUCKS Secret Mexican Society https://www.instagram.com/secret.mexican.society Grill Chill https://www.instagram.com/grillchill_foodtruck (Vegan options available)

ART EXHIBITION We’ll have a large art exhibition with about ten artists. Open call for people to participate. Info about participation on our website. https://kanamaja.com/art

CRAFT MARKET Small market on site. If interested in participating please contact through kanamajafest@gmail.com

TATTOO Two pop-up tattoo artists on site. https://www.instagram.com/littleambassadortattoo https://www.instagram.com/mairikatt

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Stancest 2024 - Renaissance by LTWS

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NETSKY (BEL) | Krulli kvartal 19.08.24